Thursday, April 12, 2012

India Gaming Carnival presents Dummies Guide to Scamming Indian E-Sports

Indian E-Sports continues to stand the test of time thanks to people from WTF Eventz and others who’ve successfully managed to sabotage the pride of Indian E-Sports and any future of large scale events.
Earlier this year, we reported the Indian Gaming Carnival (earlier called GameCON) as the biggest event in this part of the world. Yea, the event was big and so was the promise. The event was one of it’s kind and many involved directly or indirectly with the professional gaming scene in India had a lot of expectations from the event. However, it turns out that it was actually the biggest fail Indian E-Sports rendezvoused with.
The event touted the following,
-Spanning over 21.8 acres at Ayatti a super premium property in Greater Noida.
-Over 200,000 expected attendees with 20,000 gamers in a period of 3 days.
-Prize money of Rs 1.5 Cr (USD 300,000) in total.
-After Party each day with category ‘A’ performances.
-Various international teams and players participating in the tournaments.
-Gaming across all verticals – PC, Console, Mobile/Tabs.
-Celebrity Visits.
-Exhibit space for over 200 brands.
-Attempt to break Guinness world records.
-Seminars on various aspects of Gaming.
-Dress as a Gaming/Anime character and win prizes (COSPLAY).
-Product launches and various other activities.
Not only has this event failed Indian E-Sports and anything to do with the phrase “large event,” the event also destroyed the sand castle that Indian Professional Gamers have tried to fortify for so long. We’ve got some information to help justify the argument.
The venue, Ayatti convention center in Noida, Greater Delhi, neither had electricity nor internet on Day 1. Apparently, Battlefield 3 and StarCraft 2 gamers were even ticked off by the organizers who were not sure if they were to host or cancel these games. Fortunately, BF3 and SC2 gamers got together at a friends place and organized their events much to the surprise and satisfaction of pro-gamers from these two game communities. Karthik Gopal, StarCraft 2 professional gamer from India had to write, “We went and ran a tournament completely out of a friends place. 14 pc’s linked with the internet and ran the WHOLE SC2 and BF3 Tournament without your help (IGC).”
“Lies, bullshit and more lies. Now what I put down as the story is what I heard. I don’t know how much is true and how much is not, but this seems the popular opinion,” he adds.