Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Syria and ISIS for Dummies - Learn How Qatar, Turkey and USA armed opposition in Syria

Proposed Qatar-Turkey Pipeline that would go through Syria and into fertile European Markets.


Syrian President Bashar Al Assad refuses to sign an agreement for a proposed Qatar-Turkey gas pipeline via Syria which would offer Saudi Arabia trillions of $ from the EU market. To protect Iranian and Russian interests in EU, Assad refuses to sign the Qatar deal. Turkey is the biggest consumer of Russian Gas via Gazprom and the Qatar pipeline would cripple the Russian and Iranian economy. So, Assad refuses to sign the deal and stands by his allies Iran and Russia.

# 2

Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan and USA with the help of NATO create an armed opposition to rebel against Syrian President Bashar Al Assad because he didn't sign the agreement. So, he needs to go! 
In the media, this was portrayed as a democratic revolution with the Free Syrian Army (FSA).

Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani head of Qatar (Left) and Bashar Al-Assad Syria President of Syria (Right)

# 3

Syria with the help of Hezbollah and Iran counter these rebels.. CIA finds that the "democratic revolution" is not going the way it is planned even after the Chemical Weapons propaganda in mass media. CIA contracts Al Qaeda, al-Nusra and other vendors to begin training new mercenaries and gives them access to weapons and money.

# 4

A new armed opposition rises in the middle east - They call themselves the ISIS (Islamic State). Of course, it is only logical that they have state of the art weapon systems such as the American-made Humvees, missile launchers, rocket launchers, modern M16A rifles.

# 5 

Obama and NATO declare ISIS the biggest threat to the world and must mobilise forces to wipe them off the planet.

# 6 

Russia, who is the major supplier for gas in Turkey and other European countries is now very annoyed at American foreign policy and American intervention. (Baltics and Ukraine are recent examples of American intervention)
But of course, Putin also agrees that ISIS is a terrorist organisation and must be wiped out. Russia launches attacks against the ISIS. Iran and China join in. Russia and allies are laughing at NATO's stupidity.

# 7

USA's defence secretary Ashton Carter publicly states that Russia will pay for airstrikes against ISIS in Syria. Hahaha -
(But isn't Russia helping the world by wiping out ISIS?)

# 8

"Terrorist" attacks begin to take place in Europe - in Ankara (Turkey), Beirut (Lebanon). ISIS claims responsibility.

# 9

Paris bomb blast! Of course, ISIS claims responsibility again. NATO is gathering public support to mobilise forces to enter Syria and wipe out ISIS.

Why is the USA so interested in Syria? 
Natural Gas is the next "oil" of the world. Control and supply of this resource is crucial for the USA to maintain control of the Dollar as the leading trade currency. USA requires the Qatar-Turkey pipeline to be operational as quickly as possible. Liquefied Natural Gas exports is the next big trade for the USA and EU is a massive market which they don't want to lose.

Of course, this also requires strong geopolitical control which has resulted in war crimes by the USA in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Lebanon and the recent Ukraine incident. The idea is to remove existing democratic or non-democratic governing bodies that are opposed to USA's requirements and install a puppet government who would accept all conditions.

Does USA think the world is stupid? Everyone can see what they are doing. All it takes is some reading on the internet. The people who formulate such bloody policies and help corporations must be tried in the International Court for war crimes. It is high time that the idiots in that government realise that their foreign policy does not fit in the framework of modern society.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Isko Laga Dala Toh Life Jingalala

And it so happens that I sit down to watch Cricket with my room-mates on the TV and after every Over, we are constantly told about the different online shopping options aaaand the different online selling options. Just buy bro... Just buy and just bhej bro.

We're told about Water Purifiers that can make the purest water with all the minerals we have been missing since childhood.. The super awesome "no-gas" deodorants that turn women just craaazy, the brand new smartphone taking things to the next level and the macho man in love with his new underwear. Of course, I wouldn't miss out on telling you that a hot woman always accompanies him when he is looking at himself in the mirror modelling his latest purchase of Rupa Frontline - "mera warrior sirf Rupa Frontline pehenta hai." ..

We're also told about how we should be in awe of the best chocolate on the planet - by showing us visuals of women and men greasing their mouths with chocolate. And we are also told how we should worship and shower women with Diamond necklaces and earrings to continue gaining their love. But of course, a pressure cooker will do too. After all, jo biwi se kare pyaar, toh Prestige se kaise kare inkaar?

Children are being dropped to school or being picked up from school in that new car that conjures flowers out of thin air as it breezes by.. And don't forget that new bike that can instantly grant us the best driving skills.. Wait.. maybe it's the new Castrol engine oil or those super grip MRF tires.. I don't know..

Also, don't forget to drink Mountain Dew before you start doing anything adventurous. Remember you are carrying a cooler with 10 rupees Mountain Dew bottles.. 
.. Chutiyap Dar ke aage jeeth hai. 
After you have done something adventurous, drink mountain dew again. But Sprite says fuck all this.. Sprite only cares about how thirsty you are and it only bhujaye pyaas.. something that water can't even dream to accomplish.. But on the other hand, Katrina Kaif is not impressed. She prefers mangoes. She knows mangoes can not just bhujaye pyaas, it can also lagae aag.

And please.. Don't forget Dish TV.. Everybody from Amitabh Bacchan to Amir Khan swear by it.. Isko laga dala toh life jingalala.

... Please can you bring Cricket back on?

"Kya apke toothpaste mein namak hai?"

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

GOG 6th Year Birthday celebrations continue - 80% off on Video Game Classics from Year Two

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Monday, September 8, 2014

GOG is celebrating its 6th Birthday with Massive Discounts on Classic Video Games

Good Old Games ( has turned 6 years old and they're celebrating their birthday by offering up to 80% discounts on classic, indie and other games in their catalog. Happy Birthday GOG!

Since they started in the year 2008, the discounts begin with the games they added to their catalog in that year.

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