Saturday, June 16, 2012

10 Great Blogger Themes You Should Check Out

I wish Google had done more and add maybe something else to Blogger's customization. Blogger is such a great and easy way to blog but, simply loses out to Wordpress when it comes to the themes and the customization department.

Although CSS customization is brilliant, not everyone is comfortable using it. Anyway, while I was looking on the internet, I found some great themes for Blogger. Below are these themes in no particular order. Hope you like them ;)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

System of a Rat?

I'm 24 years old. It feels awesome to be 24 years old. In the world's eyes, you're an adult capable of achieving many things while in your mother's eyes, you're still a kid. Uhm.. Just that you've grown a couple, ready and willing get around the challenges the world has to offer.

Just like you, I've seen and experienced life's journeys, scaled the ups and downs, breezed past many events. I'm glad and happy that I've had to experience many things. While there have been situations that I regret being in, situations that I regret creating and situations that I'm glad I've experienced. Ah, might sound dramatic but, hey, I'm being honest.

So, considering the very memorable events that have happened lately, I've considered recording them in this form. I won't be able to write about what actually happened but, I just wanted to record my takeaways from everything that has passed since.

The last few months of my life were consumed by philosophical references and preaching to a person I loved very much. Events transpired in such a way that we had to break up. Not only did that create a deep impression in my life, it just crumbled everything I had so strongly believed in. Most of it - my fault.
Well, love does that to people. It did it to me too. I was lost, lost in thoughts, lost in darkness and the disbelief that all my effort had been reduced to ashes. Although it doesn't really matter now, it was an important part of my life and what I believed was "an important phase."

Truth about Iran and it's Nuclear technology

Iran is a signatory of the Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and has had over 3000 surprise inspections that resulted in discovery of no nuclear weapons in the country. US allies, Pakistan, India (my country) and Israel are not members of NPT and unlike Iran, are all armed with nuclear weapons. No sanctions or threats are made against them. 

According to reports on the internet from independent press, Iranian nuclear technology for industrial grade processing of Uranium is about 5 to 10 years away. Iran has never possessed or used Atomic weapons and for that matter, the only country in the world that has ever used an Atomic Bomb, that too on civilian targets (Hiroshima and Nagasaki) is the US. Yet, no one seems to call that a war crime. Thousands of people had died, their homes and cities destroyed. Even today, these cities carry ripples of the inhuman attack that US ordered against Japan.

As for the threat from Iran that the US government so much parades about in the media, Iran has neither attacked, invaded nor made war on another country for over two centuries. It has not used any sort of chemical weapons against Iraq even when the latter used Weapons of Mass Destruction (supplied by the U.S.) including chemical warfare against Iran in its 8 year war starting September 1980 to August 1988.
The Iran-Iraq war, Picture Courtesy, LIFE.
Now, various US administrations on the other hand have been at war, bombed, strafed, organized a coup, etc. in at least 20 countries over the last 60 years. Iran does not possess the technology to deliver even a conventional weapon to Europe. Iran's military budget is $5b a year, less than 1/100th of Pentagon's spending and about 1/100th of what the US has already spent in Iraq. 

So much for American diplomacy and major media bullshit that people believe to be true about Iran. You need to watch this video to understand what is really going on,

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Finally, Finally on DotA 2 Beta!

Yea, maybe it's a lame thing to say but, I've loved DotA and I've played DotA for quite sometime now. But, since the time Valve took over the responsibility of advancing it forward, I've not been in touch with DotA whatsoever. Although, the wait for DotA 2 and the beta has been exciting, although I've posted news about it, I've never really been keen to play DotA 2 for some reason. Okay fuck you. I never got a key :-/

But anyway, since my best buddy, PlayDotA chief of staff- Wykrhm Reddy has been actively involved in the DotA 2 awareness campaign in India for so long now, I've finally managed to use special sabotage techniques to acquire a beta invite. Coool, no?

Anyway, check out all the brilliant art he does for DotA 2 on his Facebook Page. Read up more on what's to come on DotA 2 on his Blog- WyksBlog.

Allright, I've got 10 minutes for the game to finish downloading. See you in-game :D