Sunday, March 24, 2013

SuperGiant Games' upcoming release "Transistor" in Action

The creators of 2011's super-award winning indie game "Bastion" are working on a new game that they're calling "Transistor."
The creators I'm talking about is this small indie game studio - SuperGiant Games. These guys rose to critical acclaim after their extremely polished work with Bastion. (JUMP TO GAMEPLAY VIDEO BELOW)

If you haven't seen or played Bastion, I'd recommend you stop right here. Please check out Bastion to understand why "Transistor" is an exciting prospect for gamers and the studio.

Popular Video Games VBlogger Total Biscuit had the chance to speak with Greg Kasavin from SuperGiant Games about Transistor. What was also more interesting is the fact that he got his hands on a what I suppose could be a "pre-alpha PAX only" build which looked gorgeously stunning!


First things first - Logan Cunningham is narrating this game too. *Take my money emotions go here*

One of the things that reminded me instantly of Bastion is the beautiful soundtrack that the game opened with. After it did that, I was taken into a completely different world. A world that SuperGiant brought with Bastion. A world that SuperGiant is bringing again with Transistor - This world is their take on SciFi and everything else you could categorize as post-modern.

There is a lot of "Art" in this game. Just looking at the world in the game shows how much "art" is going into building Transistor - also another reason why I'm looking forward to this game.

One of the most interesting aspects of the game is the unique approach to the Action-RPG setting. The game now offers the opportunity to plan and execute actions to quickly dispatch your enemies. This pre-planned execution consumes "Action Points" (just a reference term for now).
Action Points recharge.

Like Total Biscuit says in this video, the game looks like Valkyrie Chronicles and Frozen Synapse decided to have a child.

Check out the gameplay video below and tell me what you think :)

I didn't put this earlier. I didn't want to spoil the fun. Transistor might probably come out early 2014. Platforms have not been decided yet which I think is fair enough considering the fact that PS4 and competition are waiting. Rest assured, it's going to be built for the PC, Mac and Linux.

Check out SuperGiant's Page for Transistor. There are some great screenshots for your viewing pleasure :)