Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Song of Hope?

I rode up the flight of stairs,
Awaiting my new dawn of days,
Stone hearted I had become,
To the passage of time I had succumbed.

Climbing up, I realized,
One more time why I was here tonight,
Time had finally come to let it go,
For a welcome news now stands at my door.

What I saw, I beheld,
The eyes of the bearer or suspense,
I glimpsed her face, through her hair,
Her smile awoke that mystic flair.

Like the air of mist of people and words,
I care did not, cut them with my sword,
On my path I walked along,
Sweet sound of the lady begetting strong,

I reached the podium, heart beating that sound,
I lift my thoughts that were left forlorn,
I smiled at her, and so did she,
Wondering what she was doing to me,

The time had come to say goodbye,
For the idiot stayed down on his side,
I told her still that I cannot leave,
A beautiful song, she whispered to me.

Now I stand at those crossroads strong,
Forbidding thoughts that have long gone,
Am I just a puppet for the master of time,
Can I pull the strings, take what's mine

These thoughts now, take a toll,
Mystery and Splendour, amidst furore,
What purpose lies in a hopeless fist
That fights for nothing or stands very still,

For hopes and dreams many lives fulfill,
What I have I got to comfort my will,
If I jump in, will she come along,
Or lose her too, to the past, begone!

Tell me now, Oh! Divine Voice,
I don't hear you sing, see you in my sight,
Is she dreaming too, do I have a choice?
Or am I running round in a Fool's Paradise?

Have mercy now, will you heed my call,
Have I done something wrong, you've made me fall,
Stone hearted you've made me become,
In this passage of time to which I've succumbed.