Monday, September 8, 2014

GOG is celebrating its 6th Birthday with Massive Discounts on Classic Video Games

Good Old Games ( has turned 6 years old and they're celebrating their birthday by offering up to 80% discounts on classic, indie and other games in their catalog. Happy Birthday GOG!

Since they started in the year 2008, the discounts begin with the games they added to their catalog in that year.

GOG has been moving ahead strongly with their DRM-free philosophy and all games purchased from their catalog are DRM FREE!

Check out their first promo HERE (Offers expire in 24 hours everyday)

(Please note that I am a GOG affiliate and by clicking this link to purchase games, you are not only getting the best classic DRM-free games, but also supporting my blog by helping me make a tiny fraction of those games sold via GOG. Thank you in advance :) )