Tuesday, September 9, 2014

GOG 6th Year Birthday celebrations continue - 80% off on Video Game Classics from Year Two

In continuation of updates starting yesterday, GOG has a new list of Games on which they're offering up to an 80% off.

Featured on this list include gamer favourites Master of Orion (series), Might and Magic, Arcanum, Myst, Blood Rayne and Serious Sam, just to name a few. All games that you purchase on GOG are DRM-free.

Check out their SECOND promo HERE (Offers expire in 24 hours everyday)

(Please note that I am a GOG affiliate and by clicking this link to purchase games, you are not only getting the best classic DRM-free games, but also supporting my blog by helping me make a tiny fraction of those games sold via GOG. Thank you in advance :) )

I don't want to sound evil ha ha, but if you want to see what you missed yesterday, check this,
Check out their first promo HERE (Offers expire in 24 hours everyday)