Sunday, May 20, 2012

NVIDIA brings Cloud GPU Technology to the World, Re-Defines Gaming and Graphics Industry

NVIDIA, Graphics Technology Manufacturer kicked off the 2012 GPU Conference by unveiling an all new ground breaking “Cloud GPU” technology. The Cloud GPU features technology that allows accelerating cloud-based applications by utilizing the enormous computational power of the Graphics Processing Unit or GPU in short.
After having spent five years in the making, NVIDIA showcased the power of the new tech based on their new Kepler GPU Architecture designed for use in large data centers. The Virtualization capabilities of the new architecture allow multiple users to share GPUs. NVIDIA has developed a system that allows cloud services to be powered by these GPUs that allows anyone to play games on just about any device without having to bother downloading games or worrying about performance capabilities of the device they are on.
“Kepler cloud GPU technologies shifts cloud computing into a new gear,” said Jen-Hsun Huang, NVIDIA president and chief executive officer. “The GPU has become indispensable. It is central to the experience of gamers. It is vital to digital artists realizing their imagination. It is essential for touch devices to deliver silky smooth and beautiful graphics. And now, the cloud GPU will deliver amazing experiences to those who work remotely and gamers looking to play untethered from a PC or console.”
The Enterprise Implementation of the Cloud GPU Tech allows providing seamless remote computing capabilities allowing even the most demanding applications to be streamed to a notebook or a mobile device via the NVIDIA VGX Platform.
The Gaming Implementation of the Cloud GPU Tech features the all new NVIDIA GeForce GRID technology that enables anyone to play just about any game on any device on any display without having to worry about the graphical or performance capabilities of the device. Cloud Game service providers like Gaikai or OnLive can use this technology to remotely deliver magical gaming experiences, with the potential to surpass those on a console.
Check out this video below showcasing the power of the GRID technology powering Cloud-based gaming service providers. Video courtesy, The Verge.

It'll be really interesting to see what AMD is going to do with the 8-series cards. Apparently, AMD is to release their 8000 series cards in 2013. AMD has been at the forefront of Cloud computing and I personally believe that they've contributed more than just processing power to Cloud Computing. There could be a chance that AMD may lose out on the share that it built for itself with cloud computing contributions due to NVIDIA's entry into Cloud GPU tech.

Although there is not much that is known about AMD's thought process with the 8000 series cards, I hope they make something nice! Anyway, Check out this image talking about the upcoming Tenerife 8000 series GPU.

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