Sunday, June 3, 2012

Finally, Finally on DotA 2 Beta!

Yea, maybe it's a lame thing to say but, I've loved DotA and I've played DotA for quite sometime now. But, since the time Valve took over the responsibility of advancing it forward, I've not been in touch with DotA whatsoever. Although, the wait for DotA 2 and the beta has been exciting, although I've posted news about it, I've never really been keen to play DotA 2 for some reason. Okay fuck you. I never got a key :-/

But anyway, since my best buddy, PlayDotA chief of staff- Wykrhm Reddy has been actively involved in the DotA 2 awareness campaign in India for so long now, I've finally managed to use special sabotage techniques to acquire a beta invite. Coool, no?

Anyway, check out all the brilliant art he does for DotA 2 on his Facebook Page. Read up more on what's to come on DotA 2 on his Blog- WyksBlog.

Allright, I've got 10 minutes for the game to finish downloading. See you in-game :D