Monday, April 22, 2013

IceCrown's new Track - Darius and the Kyrus on Soundcloud and YouTube

I've finished working on my new track - "Darius and the Kyrus." Actually, it's been a while since I finished the track and uploaded it. This post comes late.

What's with the name "Darius and the Kyrus" you may ask. Good question, I don't know. Naming music is really difficult for me. When I compose or improvise, I try expressing feelings build around the mood of the song.

After I finished this track, it somehow made me think of a fusion between the old and the new, man and nature, architecture and glory.

I was reading about the Achaemenid Empire while listening to the track. The Kyrus is a river next to which the magnificient city of Persepolis was built by Emperor Darius. I just had to name it Darius and the Kyrus.

Anyway, here it is :)

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